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Here are the photos from my San Diego trip!  For the previously-posted iPhone snapshots, click here.Carlene San Diego Sunset Continue reading

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San Diego Gaslamp District

Last night, my family and I headed over to the Gaslamp District in San Diego for some dinner. We decided to take the trolley, and walked over to the station. My mom and sister had ridden the trolley earlier in the day and had day passes, and I needed to buy one for myself.

“Where’s the ticket machine?” I asked my mom.

“Oh, save the money,” she said. “They check on the busses, but not the trains. It’s a waste to spend the $5 when it’s the end of the day and you can only use it twice.”

“I’d rather pay the $5 than get a ticket, Mom.”

“No! You’ll be fine, don’t worry about it. Really, don’t pay. Seriously. Don’t.”

As the trolley was arriving right at that moment, I climbed on and said to my mom, “Fine. Just so you know, if I get a ticket, I’m handing it to you so you can ‘not worry about it’ for me, and pay my fine.” Continue reading

Today, I arrived in California for a short adventure. Expect a massive explosion of trip posts next week, as I finish up my stories about my Ireland experience and my current trip.

See you soon!

Oh, my Galway stay…

I stayed at a small, self-catered cottage in a country/suburban area of County Galway, about a half hour outside Galway City. In the summer, I am sure that the cottage is an amazing place to stay. In the winter, I found a single small space heater waiting for me and the only available Internet connection was inside the adjacent main house, so isolated from the world and frozen to the core, I was not my happiest during my stay here.

I made the best of it, though, and ended up listening to audiobooks and sketching in a sketchbook I picked up while still in Cork whenever I was home at the cottage. The rest of the time, I drove around the countryside and ended up visiting the Cliffs of Moher to give myself something to do to get out of the house.

Galway is the county of the stone walls. Everywhere there are farmers' fields and stone walls, marking out the property lines as far as the eye can see. Galway is the county of the stone walls. Everywhere there are farmers’ fields and stone walls, marking out the property lines as far as the eye can see.

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When it was time for me to leave Cork City, Sharon pointed me in the direction of some really great areas to catch on my drive out to Galway. Both were mini-adventures on their own, hidden gems I would have never found if someone hasn’t shown me where to look.

That’s why I love having hosts instead of only staying in hotels (although there’s much to be said for a hotel room when it’s time for downtime); they always know what’s worth seeing and what to skip, and if you’re lucky, you make a fabulous friend in the process.

Whitegate, Ireland Sharon pointed me toward a beach by Whitegate, Ireland that turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. I parked my car in the parking area, walked down a steep path, and **poof**, this amazing beach materialized out of nowhere.

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I arrived in Cork City at about 8pm after leaving Brandon and my beloved Dingle Peninsula. After finding my host Sharon’s house up in the windy streets of residential Cork City, I immediately settled in with her, her 10-year-old son Levin, and her roommate Marie, as well as the three dogs and queen kitty, Tia.

We were all fast friends, and I ended up spending most of my time hanging in the house with Sharon and Levin, then venturing into the city when I started to feel like I really *should* take a bit of time to see the area where I was staying.

In the end, my impression of Cork City was that it was very grey, and my impression of Sharon’s house was that it was a welcoming, great place to stay. I’d say Sharon won the “best part of the Cork visit” category by a long shot.

My lovely host in Cork City, Sharon! My lovely host in Cork City, Sharon!

Sharon's street of row houses up on the hill, at dusk. Sharon’s street of row houses up on the hill, at dusk.

Irish rainbow! Irish rainbow!

My walk down the hill to downtown Cork City. My walk down the hill to downtown Cork City.

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I will be posting proper pictures and full stories once I have access to something more than my iPhone and iPad. For the moment, here are snapshots from my third day in Brandon on the Dingle Peninsula.

kitchen window view The view of the bar and landscape out the kitchen window in Pádraig’s house.

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