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Flower blossoms Albany NY

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April showers bring May flowers, and what did the Mayflower bring?

…seasonal allergies.

Sunset NYSThe weather is finally getting warmer, and after such a long, freezing winter, part of me wants to skip over spring and go straight to summer.  The rest of me remembers how much I love when life blossoms back from hibernation, so instead of wishing for summer I’ll just reminisce with this photo I took driving back from a photo shoot last year.

Summer will get here soon enough; it’s time to enjoy the spring.

Night snow

Jay and I decided to go for a winter solstice night hike up Sleep Beauty Mountain in the foothills of the Adirondacks last month.  It was during the beginning of a tough time for me, and so the hike was a great way to get away and have an adventure out in nature during a completely unexpected time of day.  There was a group that coordinated the hike, but due to our work schedules, Jay and I ended up getting there much later than everyone else and having to do the hike up the mountain alone.

Once we reached the summit, we hiked another couple of miles to where the group was having a bonfire, and hung out until we all headed back to the parking lot to head home.  These pictures are terrible; I was taking them in pitch blackness, so I apologize for the lousy quality.

IMG_0691Hiking boots and microspikes ready to go!IMG_0696Since we were alone in the woods at night, every “Trail” marker was a major accomplishment, otherwise this is what the woods looked like: black. Continue reading

Albany NY SnowLast month there was a snowstorm in Albany, and I grabbed a few photos of the view from outside my apartment as the snow was falling and turning the normal cityscape into a silent winter wonderland.  Winter in the state of New York is an ironic affair; when it turns cold, we all complain about how frigid it is, and say, “At least if we had some snow, it would be pretty and look like winter!”  Then, we get a snowstorm and everyone becomes glued to their windows, mesmerized at watching it fall, a combination of, “It’s so beautiful!” and “I’m going to have to shovel ALL of this, ugh.”

Everyone’s snow-minded for a few days, a little cheered by the change in scenery, then Continue reading

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